Red Prem/Blend Wine

Red Prem/Blend  Wine

This table wine is like a Baco Noir goes well with red meats, salads and sandwiches

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Red Blend

By: Carl on 14/05/2016 11:09:58

Until now, there has been no de-alcoholized wine worthy of the name wine. NA beers have been pretty decent for years, but NA wine has been horrible. There Carl Jung wines are a true breakthrough. They are the first NA wine I have ever had that taste like wine. I have had all the still wines except the Rose'. They are all excellent. A nice meal without wine is really missing something. No longer, I would even bring these to a good BYOB restaurant. This Cab is my favorite among the reds. The Red Premium Blend is surprisingly good and a great value. The Merlot is a bit sweeter. Among the whites, the Chardonnay is my favorite. The White Premium Varietal is also very good. The Riesling is, of course sweeter, and is just a tad sparkling. I will continue to order all six of these, in a mix that reflects my preferences. You might find the sampler special a good way to try them. By the way Ray is excellent, and great at answering questions and solving problems.

Red blended n/a wine

By: Lou on 29/08/2013 00:12:13

Great wine, head and heals above your competition. Personally would like to see it a little less carbonated.

Carl Jung Red Wine

By: Katie on 14/08/2013 15:19:11

This is the BEST non-alcoholic wine on the market!!!! I have tried them all, and believe me--this is the BEST!!!! Wish I could buy it in my local store. I had some friends in from wine country--California--recently, and hey could not believe the quality and taste! The California Contingent is gone now, but your wine was a big hit! The reaction was the same as mine--WOW this tastes really good! Almost like a Beaujolais... So, it is now all gone and I have placed an order for another case. Thank you, thank you, thank you--and PLEASE try to overthrow the 'big' NA wines out there--Ariel, Fre, etc. None of them compare.

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