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Shipping Process

When will my package ship?
All packages will be shipped by courier 2 business days after your order is received.

Except as stated below:
  1. In winter months when during the process of delivery, (as we calculated it), your wine might sit in a courier truck with the possibilty of freezing.

  2. In hot summer days when during the process of delivery,( as we calculated it) your wine might sit in a courier truck with the possibilty of too much heat.

  3. When National Holidays occur and the couriers would not be moving their freight on the Monday of the holiday.

In addition we will calculate the shipping cost of your order before you actually finish the ordering process and you will have the opportunity to choose how you want your order shipped based on those calculations.

If your order is damaged in shipment you must read our "Delivery, Breakage Return" rules before a claim is made.
Both Riley Life Logistics and your courier will contact you by email about the transit of your order.
Finally if you think that the carton(s) have been damaged in transit please ask the courier driver to wait while you inspect the carton(s).

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