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13/11/2015 01:24:15: If northern and middle US states are under a storm alert we will hold your shipment until we feel it is safe to get your order to you........Now that winter is approaching we are going to have to pay attention to the weather forecasters, not that they are always right! First of all we will try to keep your wine from sitting in the carriers' trucks/warehouses over a weekend............The Western Border States.......When it takes 5 business days to get your wine to you we can't avoid a weekend stop so we will choose a weekend at our end or a weekend at yours.......Which will we choose?......... For Washington and Oregon we would choose the weekend in NC but for CA we would choose a weekend at your end............. This means that the northern states should make sure their orders are in before Friday at 12:00 noon ET....... The southern states should have their orders in by noon on Mondays............ It would be wise if you are in the second vertical row of states to follow the same plan...........The Western Heartland states (4 days ) ......Will be shipped on Mondays......... The Eastern Heartland states (3 day)......... Can be shipped on Monday or Tuesday............ The Eastern Border states close to NC............ Can be shipped on Mon, Tues, or Wed..........The Eastern Border states like Maine and Florida.....Can be shipped on Monday or Tuesday. .........We will advise you if we are going to delay your shipments because of winter weather. .....................It is always best to order early so the wine arrives on time.

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13/11/2015 01:23:03: If you are looking for wine for Christmas/New Year's delivery please make sure your order is placed before December 13th at the latest.............. Weather and delivery can both become more difficult after that date..........In fact whether the wine sits at your house or in our warehouse does not mean that our products are different. We ordered our wines for the festive seasons from Germany in October to arrive in NC in November...........We would suggest that you order early if you have room to store your order at your place. THAT WAY WE ARE BOTH HAPPY.



13/11/2015 01:21:45: If your wine arrives and it is frozen there are 2 possibilities. The bottles leak because the top seal is broken or the bottles are cracked or broken............FIRST if the bottles have no cracks or leaking tops the wine is FINE..........The process is to thaw the wine at room temperature which may take a day or 2. Do not put the wine in warm water or some other method of thawing out the wine more quickly..........SECONDLY if some bottles have broken the seal or the bottle, or cracked the glass please provide us with good photos and a statement. We will replace those bottles ASAP and fight for a refund.

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13/11/2015 01:18:41: The carrier companies do their best to get the wines delivered on time and in one piece. Sometimes that doesn't work out so well. Let me give you a couple of scenarios.............. One bottle gets broken in transit and the carriers see that the box is wet. They STOP the delivery ...... notifying you sometimes but always notify us that the WHOLE case is being returned to NC........We immediately send out a new case and after about a week we get the returned damaged case and fight with the carrier to get some money back..... So if you ordered your wine to be delivered the week after your initial order our second case is not going to reach you on time... This is another reason to order early.....What if you get the wine and there is breakage in the case we need a picture of the damage and a statement that "X" bottles of wine are damaged. Please show the broken or cracked bottles in the photo. Send those picture to JungWines. We will replace the damaged bottles ASAP and again fight will the carrier to get some money back.

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13/11/2015 01:10:07: Please do not waste your time trying to get the carrier to refund the shipping or breakage charges. You will be frustrated beyond belief and you will NOT be successful. .. ....JungWines can't even request refunds. We have to have our fulfillment center make the claim and it usually takes a month to getan answer.... ... Oh, if they turn the warehouse down that is it......... JungWines is out the money not you, the warehouse or the carrier!.... PLEASE look at the WINTER BREAKAGE news

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Great News from the Carl Jung Winery

24/04/2014 18:23:49: Over the past year the Carl Jung Winery in Germany has upgraded both their wine production system and their wine presentation. The latter process includes new bottles and a change to the bottle labeling system.. In addition their dealcoholisation process has been brought into the 21st century with a computer software scheme which micro manages the production of all their nonalcoholic wines. The testing and retesting seems to have taken forever but Eduard Jung is now satisfied that it can "finally" take over the production process. As part of our new "blog system" we will keep you posted as things are brought on line. So please take the time to view our "BLOG" often.

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Announcing our News Department

01/04/2014 14:51:11: Introducing our new News Department. We'll present a series of interesting news and tidbits on non-alcoholic wines. Come back and visit us often.

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