Published: 13/11/2015 01:18:41

The carrier companies do their best to get the wines delivered on time and in one piece. Sometimes that doesn't work out so well. Let me give you a couple of scenarios.............. One bottle gets broken in transit and the carriers see that the box is wet. They STOP the delivery ...... notifying you sometimes but always notify us that the WHOLE case is being returned to NC........We immediately send out a new case and after about a week we get the returned damaged case and fight with the carrier to get some money back..... So if you ordered your wine to be delivered the week after your initial order our second case is not going to reach you on time... This is another reason to order early.....What if you get the wine and there is breakage in the case we need a picture of the damage and a statement that "X" bottles of wine are damaged. Please show the broken or cracked bottles in the photo. Send those picture to JungWines. We will replace the damaged bottles ASAP and again fight will the carrier to get some money back.

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