Pregnancy and our wines?

Non alcoholic wine and pregnancy. This type of question about dealcoholized wines should only be answered by someone's primary health care provider. Since I'm not a licensed physician I can't answer this without the risk of dispensing medical advice without a license. Besides that, the best way to answer that sort of question (assuming your doctor doesn't want you to even go near Listerine) is just plain no. If your doctor says from month x to month y, then plain old simple moderation is perhaps the answer. Again, direct this to your doctor. They bill you as if you had a consultation so make it one. It's your health and life. I'm fortunate to have a doctor who will answer these sort of questions about non alcoholic wine and is more than happy to oblige even though I occasionally get the question, "have been thinking about taking up drinking again?" Then again she's an osteopath. I haven't told her that I'm passing this on to a winery but I see nothing underhanded about it. Perhaps Carl Jung Wines should get a gastro-intestinal (GI) specialist on retainer.for this dealcoholized wine
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