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Alcohol free wines | Alcoholics

Alcohol free wine and alcoholics

An educated response to: Alcoholics and our wines

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I finally have an answer to this. As you said in your email, under certain medications that limit your consumption of alcohol, usually abstention is necessary until the course of medication(s) is complete.

However, for people who have liver disease, notably cirrhosis, no amount of alcohol is permitted since there isn't enough of the liver to properly process and filter it. Depending on the stage of the disease even almost seemingly immeasurable quantities in non alcoholic wines can pose a problem.

In the past I have had "dealcoholized wine" from California and Germany (yours)which was very good and priced just like regular wine. However, even at .2% (that's 2 tenths of ml per liter or .4 proof) at around five servings per liter that comes out to two hundredths per volume (6 ounce glass). Even at that sub particle level, that's enough to cause liver problems and possible renal (kidney) problems for some people.

About the only way to have a true alcohol free beverage is either to pasteurize immediately (Welch's grape juice) or any other method to prevent fermentation.

As far as cooking goes, alcohol never truly burns off as is professed by some, particularly when flambeed or slow cooked in a braising liquid. I have seen wine powders that some restaurants use for those who can not tolerate alcohol for whatever reason but I can not speak for quality or taste. Well that it's in a nutshell. I'm sure you get this non-alcoholic wine question fairly regularly and this can be used to answer the question. Continued success to you and yours,



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